Today is the Solemnity of John the Baptist for us Catholics. The lessons we can learn from the story of John the Baptist are much more generally applicable, however. John had vision, dedication, and combined those into a purpose. He very clearly fulfilled his calling in life, a thing many of us spend a very great deal of time wondering about, and not doing.

Ultimately, his situation is very similar to ours. We will die. The question we must answer is, what legacy will we leave. We are all preparing the way for something, even if we do great things in our life, someone will build on them to do greater things later. We have to ask, what things am I preparing the way for?

Sometimes, we have to identify the desert we are calling out in. Other times, we simple need to be aware of what we are calling out. Ultimately, we need to marry that vision and dedication we each have, and make it a purpose.

For what cause are you preparing the way?


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