Faith, Storms and Naps

Yeah, yeah, we get it, Jesus can calm the waves, amazing.

Nope. No, you don’t get it.

Reading from the Gospel of Matthew today, the story of Jesus calming the storm. There’s a really important interchange that can get lost in this story because of the miracle. The disciples, worried about the storm that had arisen around their boat, woke Jesus. He said, ‘Why are you terrified, O you of little faith?’ He calmed the storm and they were all like, ‘Woah, who is this guy?’

You missed it, didn’t you? Where in the story Jesus says ‘Why are you terrified?’ is extremely important. He doesn’t say it after he’s calmed the storm, or after they’ve dropped their jaws. He says it while the storm is still raging, in response to their waking him up. He says it, because the storm is inconsequential, no matter how terrifying, since they are with him.

We invest a lot of time worrying about the world around us, particularly as Christians in the West. We don’t know storms. There are storms around the Church in the East, but we really don’t know a thing about them. Even so, amidst this terrible storm (remember these guys were fishermen, so they knew what they were about and wouldn’t have been frightened of a little rain) Jesus hints that if we have faith, the storm just doesn’t matter. Be where Jesus is, that’s the message. Even if it is in the midst of a storm.


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