Do the Right Thing, Have a Bad Time

Guess what happens when you do the right thing.

The wrong people get mad at you.

It’s somewhat of a truism, if you are doing what’s right (and I’m not talking about what’s just, or fair, or anything like that, but what’s truly, honestly good) then the people who aren’t doing good are going to be mad at you. Reading the Gospel of Matthew, when Jesus drives out the demons in the Gadarenes (5 miles from the Sea of Galilee, in the hills) he faces much the same problem.

Two guys are terrorizing the countryside, keeping everyone from being able to use the road they are on because they are so [lewd, violent, abusive, dangerous.] When Jesus approaches them, they know who he is, they ask him why he’s there, and then they acknowledge what he came to do. They have one request, ‘drive us into the pigs over there.’ So Jesus complies, then the pigs run into the water nearby (I guess it was a lake, I dunno) and drown. Everything is fine up to this point.

Our modern sense tells us that the problem enters here because Jesus killed off someone’s livestock. They must have been angry and run to the town and the people were indignant about the loss and told Jesus to leave. Sure, that works for us, but we’re not Jewish.

Why were these guys that ran back to the town swineherds? Pigs aren’t Kosher, remember. So basically, these guys ran back to the town and warned everybody the white-hat was coming, and rather than clean up, they ran out and said, ‘Thanks for the exorcism, but take a hike.’

See, do the right thing, have a bad time.


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