Stop Saying Sorry

I really don’t want my kids to learn how to apologize. It’s a worthless skill that very rarely sets things right. Most often, it just makes victims feel less bad, and the perpetrator feel less guilty. I have a feeling God has the same desire for us sometimes.

There are several spots in the bible where we are told that God doesn’t delight in burnt offerings. He doesn’t want us to apologize, for the 20th time, about our sin. He wants us to do better. It isn’t even for him, it’s for our own good. Same with my kids, I don’t really *need* them to behave well (I could just toss their toys out and have them sit in their rooms sulking if I really wanted the house clean for my own good without caring for them.) It’s about them, though. It’s about them learning that sorry doesn’t fix things.

Writing this post, I’m thinking of a couple of areas in my life where I’ve been apologizing a little too much, and not correcting the behavior. I’m glad God is merciful, but honestly, I’d be better off if I’d just stop [doing the stupid thing] in the first place. I’m sure I’d be more open to doing the right thing, if the wrong thing weren’t so often an option.


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