Not Called to Be Foolish

There seems to be a penchant today for ‘faith’ being more important than reason.

Don’t put aside knowledge for faith. If your religion calls you to blindly ignore inconsistencies, it isn’t doing diligence. True faith is built in those doubts which are honestly explored and wrestled with.

When Jesus says, in Matthew’s Gospel,

you have hidden these things
from the wise and the learned
you have revealed them to the childlike.

he isn’t calling us to be childlike. He is pointing out that our faith doesn’t have to be learned or earned. It should be a relief to most people that this is the case. Really, this statement is a call to a deeper examination, but one rooted in childlike wonder; not the arrogance of someone hiding wisdom, but the cooperative exploration of kids. (Is it okay to call scientists ‘big kids’ in this context?)

When a kid finds out about gravity, one of the first things they’ll do is jump. The next 20 things they’ll do is jump as high / from as high as they can get away with. This isn’t to say they are trying to break gravity, they just want to see how it works, and they are examining all angles. As a parent, I encourage this. I even propose tests to help them. God is very much the same way, often offering us ways to explore our faith through events in our lives. At times, the explorations aren’t easy, but they are always worth it. The one thing to remember, however, is to never lose that sense of wonder.

Don’t be the kid who ignores their parents because parents don’t know anything, and don’t be the kid who stops exploring the bounds of what they know. We’re not called to be foolish.


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