Monthly Archives: November 2014

Nano is here

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year. My first full fledged participation.


I crammed 1200 words into the last two hours of the day. The funniest thing is, when you are writing you realize all the stuff you forgot to prepare for. The stupid stuff, like the names of the freakin’ fighter ships that are the centerpiece of your work. Yeah, stuff like that.

As mentally exhausting as writing can be, I felt really good writing tonight. First time in a long time. I can see the actual story taking shape, rather than just the bits of plot I’d put together before this. I’m glad that the really important stuff is already… mostly… prepped. My characters are presenting new sides of themselves to me, which is par for the course, I think, but the plot is forming up into structural pieces.

I’m working on three key structural points to begin with. I’ll be filling in a lot of stuff later. I wasn’t going to tackle the prologue until the end, but I found out I needed to address how much of the information in the first couple of chapters was already going to be familiar to the reader by the time they read it. I’m glad I’ve taken that angle, because I’m seeing that it would have lead to some sticky reformations later.

Enough writing for now, I’ll try and keep up a journal this month, it’s likely to be more regular than my typical schedule, and maybe that’ll be a good thing.

Oh, excerpt:

Juliana stared out the enormous window of her office at the fleet gathering above [Juliana’s home]. Her fleet, much larger than any she’d ever been able to gather. Much larger than she’d ever seen, actually. The League’s declaration concerning Earth had been questionable in her mind, though the League of Humanity didn’t hold much water with her at the best of times. She couldn’t be happier with them now. This was the host her father had always dreamed of, the host that would shake the stars and drive fear into her enemies. She chuckled thinking of her first stop along the campaign path before her. The irony of the void was that this fleet was assembled to aid her longest standing enemy.
She turned away from the array of ships before her, pulling her hair back into a single tail before picking up a practice blade and mask and sauntering into the sparring circle opposite the stocky figure of her husband.
“You seem pleased with yourself.” He crossed his blade arm to salute her and then put on his own, well worn mask. “Allow me to help you with that.”
“Ha, there is little that could damp my mood, love.” His taunt was not without merit, Calvin Terrias was one of the few men with enough skill to best her at fencing, but even a loss in the ring could do little to bring Juliana down at this point. Her dream was floating through the void outside her window, and within a week she would be off to Alpha Centauri to launch a campaign against one of the greatest enemies humanity had ever known. The excitement was palpable, and the zeal of her commanders and their troops was stronger than she could have hoped for. Juliana languidly saluted and prepared for the first pass.