On how I became a Pokemon trainer

Pokemon TCG XY:Primal Clash image

So… My kids have decided that Magic might be a little too much for them at the moment and have opted for Pokemon instead. The mechanics are interesting, and the gameplay is actually quite entertaining. They now have decks, and I have a deck (Alicia has a deck as well, and enjoys it enough to play readily with them and me.)

But we have a problem with their friends. Other parents don’t seem to be as interested in learning the game as we do, so their friends ‘play’ Pokemon by just throwing cards down on the table and looking at them and then ‘trade’ them by just passing them amongst each other.

So we’re turning our house into a battle arena soon. It really is a fun game, and I’d like to spread the actual play amongst these kids with all the cards. I suppose that makes me a trainer, but do I have to take a Professor [Tree] name?


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