State of my FOSS, 2015 – The Web Builder.

If you are interested in connecting in the modern world, there are a great many ways to do it. If you are interested in building a website yourself, there’s some important stuff you should have from the FOSS community.

Web Software – Gets you connected

I should note here that if you are not developing in Python, you’re missing out.

MariaDB -> Replaces MySQL

This is a fun one, because MySQL is technically ‘free’ but isn’t open source, and that’s why there is MariaDB. If you need a database manager, I recommend Maria over MySQL, primarily because it is a drop-in replacement with more features. The creator of MySQL (Michael Widenius) created MariaDB after seeing how Oracle closed down MySQL after they purchased it, so this is a version of his creation that is sure to stay open source.

Web2Py -> Replaces {Content Management System}

Web2Py is a robust CMS for website development. If you know python, you can do just about anything in this that you need to. The alternatives are Rails for Ruby (not bad, but steep curve for learning) or PHP (yuck).

Synfig Studio -> Replaces Adobe Flash

Although Synfig Studio is a fullish featured vector program, the real power lies in its ability to animate graphics for web export. I don’t include it in the 2D art as much as here for the use it has as an animation program over a strictly art program. If you are interested in 2D animation, this is a must have. If you’d like some spiffy, moving graphics for your website, this is a solid choice.


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