State of my FOSS, 2015 – The Youtube Enthusiast

Video Editing and Prep –Making it look good everywhere

Kdenlive-> Replaces Adobe Premiere / MovieMaker

Kdenlive (I have no idea how to say that) is a full feature video editor for Unix systems. This one won’t work on Windows, so you’ll have to find another alternative for that OS. This program does what Premiere does, and it does it well. It even feels faster on the render times, though I can’t say that with perfect experience. The biggest bit you’ll be missing out on with this, and the others in this post, is Adobe’s interconnected functionality. Not being able to just plop an editable AfterEffects composition in here is tough, but manageable.

Natron-> Replaces Adobe AfterEffects

Iniria (a research group in France) has hit a homerun with this sole replacement for AfterEffects. Natron does what you’d hope for in AfterEffects style. Kinetic Typography, moving images, quick transitions, all with a nodal editing system. I’m becoming a huge fan of this program, and am only not using it in my regular pipeline because I already have so much set up in Adobe.

Handbrake-> Replaces {Media Encoder / Compressor} and AdobeEncore (sorta)

Another French entry here, Handbrake gets a crack at every video that I output, even from commercial software. The compression alone is worth the effort to try this program out, but it also converts videos very handily between formats, and transcodes if you take the time to learn the closet space in this one.

MakeMKV-> Rips video from DVD to make MKV files.

MakeMKV is an indispensable tool to rip DVDs and BluRays to digital files. The legality of doing this is all in what you do with them. I have a media ‘server’ at home with our DVDs ripped out to it, so the kids can click and play. You can get short clips from movies to use elsewhere, just be careful for the copyrighting. My most common use for this, however, is in getting a video presentation for display that I’d rather have digitally than in a solid format. Works every time.


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